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Based in New York City, LemonTree Film is a data-driven production company that develops and crafts highly engaging and effective video content for Generation Z consumer facing brands. It was founded in 2013 by Michael Yuanhao Deng, a young director whose documentaries have been displayed at film festivals such as Austin, CICFF and Long Beach Indie. He is mentored by Ramaa Mosley, one of Shoot Magazine's Top 10 Female Directors, and Carlo Alberto Orecchia, an Emmy® Award-winning director. In 2014, he joined the creative director roster of Adolescent Content, a top-notch media agency based in Los Angeles. Since then, he has been working with clients such as AIC, Olay, Sina, and China Central Television to produce impactful visual content. 




What is Our Mission?

At LemonTree, we partner up with brands to share empowering stories with the world. Our core values are integrity, trust, innovation, adaptation, and dedication. At the heart of LemonTree is the conviction that all great communication starts with a great story. Our team consists of visionary directors, producers, data analysts, and creatives who have in the past been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 and TIME's Most Influential Teens of 2017. What excites us is working together to create brave, high quality, captivating content that touches the audience. 


What is Our Approach?

We work closely with startups and established brands alike to ensure that the videos we create help achieve precisely what they envision. We analyze brands' user profiles and consumer data, as well as creative elements that gained success in the past. We develop marketing content that will excel in a variety of competitive niche markets such as technology, e-commerce, fashion, entertainment, food, etc. We specialize in socially/environmentally conscious marketing, and we prefer to make media that motivates, inspires, and cures the viewers by showing them the inspirational part of an action. By focusing on what is humane and what makes humans beautiful, the visual stories we narrate offer the flicker of light in people’s hearts, demanding them to begin deep and meaningful self-reflection and discussions.





Film and Creative Directing

All portfolio works shown are speculated or brand content directed by Michael, our executive creative director. If you specifically wanted him to direct a project, please contact his representation, Hope Farley or Brandon Piety, through Michael's agency Adolescent Content.   

Why Choose Us?

Efficient Budgeting

We are based in New York City and have the option to recruit professional student crew from the best film schools such as NYU Tisch and Columbia School of the Arts. Comparing to a union film crew, those trained young professionals deliver equally impressive works at a fraction of the standard rates.

Streamlined Creative Workflow

LemonTree believes firmly that a robust process is essential to the success of creative projects. We use a simple process that allows the director and producer to work closely with the client throughout the entire production. The client has the option to give feedback during every step of the production. 


Braintrust is a key process used by Pixar® to facilitate efficient creative discussions. During both the idea curation and post-production phases, we host Braintrust meetings before we initiate any revision and before we deliver any final product for client approval.

Production Services

We offer services in every step of a production. If you have a project that needs idea curation, production, script-writing, or post-production, please contact us.

The World is Our Home

Our vision for fostering a community through socially responsible filmmaking.

Besides traditional branded commercials, we are passionate about creating socially conscious narrative content that highlights brand images by showing that the brands have supported local communities and underrepresented groups. In this kind of visual content, we either document the process of how a brand has supported a group of people in a community or feature characters whom it has helped. The process of making the video can bring a family closer, or make a specific group of people feel supported. 

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